The Liar Among Us - CLOSED

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Re: The Liar Among Us - CLOSED

Post  Rotten on Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:46 pm

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Foxstare ears perked up at his sigh, though she still focused on her reflection. It wasn't long after his sigh that he began to speak. He agreed to teach her. This is the part when she turned around to look at him with a toothy grin, eyes sparkling, clearly excited to learn something knew. Foxstare may not be fully right in the head, but she liked learning things. No one in Thunderclan knew how to fish. To be honest, she's pretty sure that she's never tasted fish before either. So this would be a first.

She watched him with wide unblinking eyes as he explained, nodding her head on occasion. Upon asking her if she got all that, the she-cat hummed thoughtfully to herself. She was a smart cat, but intelligence can only get you so far. She needed experience. "Haha, I understand you...but I think it will take me a couple of tries. This seems a bit fishy to me." She admitted and joked with honestly before sitting next to him on his right-side and mimicking the position she had seen in his example. Her form was good at least, now let's see if she can actually fish.

In her mind, she wondered if fishing worked differently for cats that could only see out of one eye. She hadn't told anyone about her lack of sight yet because she didn't deem it an important topic, though some may have already guess her partial blindness from how she turns her head a lot. She gave the tom a huge smile. "Let's see how good a partially blind cat can fish. Hopefully I don't accidentally push you in~" She teased with a purr, blowing off the information she just gave him in a nonchalant manner.

Amazingly enough, Foxstare then became quiet, all giggles gone, as she began to concentrate as she stared at the murky depths of the river. On occasion her eyes would drift over to Swiftleaf for an example of what she should do, studying him very carefully, her good eye missing nothing.

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Re: The Liar Among Us - CLOSED

Post  the bad wolf on Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:26 am


Swiftleaf gave a gentle purr at the joke. It was a good one, albeit a bit corny. Though their whole situation was very fishy indeed. A murderer was among them, yet they still worked liked a makeshift clan. Old habits died hard. Never mind that though, there were fish to catch.

The tabby settled more comfortably next to Foxstare, leaning heavily onto his non-poised paw to get a better view of the river. When the she-cat mentioned her blind eye, the tom couldn't feign surprise. He'd had his suspicions, with her snow white pelt and startling blue eye. There had been two kits born with the same white pelt and blue eyes, and both had been deaf. He blinked in acknowledgement before mewing, "Just tell me if you need to switch me spots. I speak personally, but it's easier for me to be looking primarily upstream to see the oncoming fish."

After that, he enjoyed the quiet of the forest. Nothing but the chirps of birds and the rustle of leaves in the wind hit his ears. It was relaxing, to be quite honest. Even Foxstare had found some inner peace, the only thing telling him she was alive was the gentle rise of her shoulders and occasional glances. He didn't want to disturb the silence, so he instead nodded when she looked over, thoroughly impressed with her form. It wasn't bad for a non-Riverclan cat, surprisingly.

Swiftleaf turned his attention back to the water, intently focused on the lazy current. If there was one thing the tom was good at, it was patience. A fish would appear eventually. It might take some time, but eventually it'd show.
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