the walking dead

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the walking dead

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You always wanted to either travel the world, or wander around aimlessly. Wherever you were born, or if you moved to Georgia, you expected a good, peaceful life. Farms, horses, animals, wheat fields, sunsets. That didn't work out. It started in rural Atlanta, and thus, it spread quickly. People were bitten, and the walker population excelled. Some even hung themselves, but that didn't work either. They still turned. Even drowning them won't work. The only known way to kill them is by shooting them in the head, or stabbing. No where else is known to actually kill them.
Those things are milling around, mindless and dull. Their eyes are white and silky, just enough to see properly. They have sharper teeth than normal people, and they have a stronger jaw. Elongated fingers, and sharp fingernails, that can pierce your skin. Ashen colored bodies, ripped apart and mauled. Their limbs are easy to sever off, and piercing the skull is a bit easier, due to the outside flesh being soggy and rotten.
Dr. Jaeger's Journal entry #2:
"It has been about three years. The whole epidemic has been broken open; humanity has changed. Those...things that wonder outside are waiting. Milling around, mindless, and dull. They only crave flesh. The place where we were all going was Terminus. All the signs were posted...they said it's a "safe haven" for the last survivors. What bullcrap."
Terminus was wrong. On the outside it was clear and calm, but...they were cannibals, trying to eat them. Until someone saved them, and burned Terminus to the ground. They had all died, and the camp was uprooted and scavenged by walkers, or the remaining survivors, who managed to make it out, and split up into the forest. They were all wrong. Everyone. The world has ended.
We're all alone now.

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