Decisions decisions - werewolf/human - discussion and form page

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Decisions decisions - werewolf/human - discussion and form page

Post  Inspire. on Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:34 am

What would you do if you were told, Werewolves were real?
What would you do if you had to face a life of living with someone who's nothing like you?
How would you live along side another species?

that choice must be made.

You've come to a small town/village, wanting a peaceful quite life, or even simply to escape problems in bigger cities or families. You've no idea of the real world, that werewolves exist. You may believe they don't, you may have convinced yourself they don't, you may think they do, or even wish they do. But you don't know...
What will happen if you fall in love with one?

You may not have always lived here, but you do now, you may have left a place, like Australia, or Germany, but now your here. In this little village. It's home to about 800 people, not many, but those people, are human. there is one pack in this village, and your apart of it, whether you are an omega or alpha your part of it.
What happens if you fall in love with a human? will you shed the secret and threaten the identity of your pack?

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Re: Decisions decisions - werewolf/human - discussion and form page

Post  Inspire. on Sat Nov 29, 2014 7:35 am

adia etrova

Name : Nadia Petrova
Age : 18
Gender : female
Species : werewolf
Rank : Omega
Wolf looks : click
Origin : Bulgaria/Bulgarian
Good Traits : kind, loving, Friendly, sweet, affectionate, adoring, Playful, caring, loyal, willing, submissive
Bad Traits : Immature, to trusting, foolish, playful, submissive, silly, to willing, to friendly, to honest
Birthday : September 13
Zodiac sign : Virgo
Crush : ---
(you don't need a personality)
Personality : Nadia is one of the most sweetest, most kindest females you will ever meet. She has the biggest heart and is always ready to have fun. Nadia's loving heart and friendly nature is what has put her at the bottom of the pack. Nadia can not physically harm herself or anyone around her and would never hurt an animal. Nadia takes pain from the older more dominant wolves and people such as the alpha, beta, etc, who are angry, like in the wild with packs, unfortunately for her, she gets the blame for alot of things even if it wasn't her fault and the others know it wasn't, it's always easy to blame the omega right? Nadia takes on alot and honestly, thanks to her loving forgiving nature, she gets over it within a matter of hours of it happening and will go back to her loving bubbly little self. Nadia has the attention span of a three year old child, it's not that she can't pay attention for longer than three minutes, she doesn't want to, if something is going to take that long, then she will simply find something else to do. Most people who understand this and or know her, learn to break things down into smaller words so it's easier for her to understand and quicker to say. If something is important she will listen even if she's not actually looking at you or sitting still. Learn this now, "If something is important, say it is, then just say it" she will listen to you even if she's chasing after a butter fly.

There is an upside to this dopey, fun loving behavior, Nadia is incredibly intelligent and will remember the most difficult of things from days on end.. again, as long as it's important. If it's not important within minutes of you telling her, you'll have to tell her again. I guess that's why she's so trust worthy? you can tell her personal things and as long as you don't say it's important, she'll forget, you can talk to her about horrible things that are going on in your life that you wouldn't tell anyone, not even your most closest family relative or friend or even your boyfriend/girlfriend. Tell her, she'll forget within a matter of minutes. Despite Nadia is fun loving, bubbly and always looking to play, she's a brilliant listener, and even if she's bounding around you playing with something, looking like she's ignoring you, if you look carefully, (if in wolf form) her ears are always on you (in human form) or her eyes are usually always on you or constantly flicking back to you.

Be sure to look after this darling, if you gain her heart, soul, or even managed to get her to pay attention for more than 3 minutes, cherish it, do not ignore her, don't treat her like trash, she's more fun loving than most girls you will ever meet and has the most biggest heart. But she's not perfect, you already know that.

When it comes to emotions though, She is very emotional, she tries to help everyone in every which way, helping the elderly or the poor, and becomes emotional over this, crying when they cry, laughing and crying when they laugh. She feels for them, but if its about her, she will bottle them up, no one wants to know what an Omega is feeling, so why show how she's feeling.

Note, keep her away from coffee.

mery ose illiamson

Name : Emery Rose Williamson
Age : 20
Gender : female
Species : werewolf
Rank : Alpha
Wolf looks : click
Origin : Australian
Traits : sweet, kind, friendly, loyal, loving, affectionate, calm, quiet, alpha
Birthday : March 30
Zodiac sign : Aries
Crush : ---
(you don't need a personality)

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Skylar Woods and Judd Harris

Post  Atlas on Sat Nov 29, 2014 2:05 pm

@faceclaim: Ana Mulvoy Ten

NameSkylar Woods
BirthdayFebruary 15

DescriptionSkylar is the average height for her weight, 5 feet and five inches tall. However, her weight is what she severely lacks in. She only comes up to 110 lbs., leaving her teetering on underweight. She tries to hide her skinny body in lots of jeans to long-sleeved shirts; however, this doesn't really do much for her. Her hair is long and golden, giving off a pretty gleam in the sunlight. Her eyes are a startlingly pale blue, giving off the impression that she is blind. She is not, however, she does have weak eyesight.

Detailed personalityStrong and extroverted are words that do not match, and will never match with Skylar. Her physical appearance and personality coincide with one another. With a small body, she has a small voice and sense of confidence. When she is being picked on, Skylar merely stays quiet and lets others continue. Her self-esteem is small, yet she never burdens others with her problems. when she does interact with others, she is very quiet, until she gets to know the other individual better. Once a strong point in a friendship has been reached, Skylar is one of the most dependent and loyal friends one could ask for. Her devotion to her friends stretches to all realms; whether she needs to stay up all night to console them, or merely accompany them to point A to point B, she will do it without hesitation.

Even with strangers, this shy girl can muster up the courage to help them. In her spare time, Skylar loves to volunteer to help those less fortunate, such as the homeless or elderly. In these situations, it is common for her to get extremely emotional for others who have problems, even though Skylar had nothing to do with them. Skylar cries easily for others, but whenever it comes to her own emotions, she bottles them up and hides them under the surface. It is easy for her to become discouraged or worried about situations, but she never informs those around her, as she hates to be a burden.

Intelligence is evident within Skylar, although she doesn't flaunt it around or brag. Sometimes, she can just say something observant or unapparent without thinking about it. She enjoys reading in her free-time, and throughout high school, she excelled in her classes, despite being absent most of the time. In most circumstances, she can push herself much too hard and become overly critical. Rounding back to her body, she is extremely weak and quite sickly. So, it is simple for her to be taken hostage by her body, which severely restricts what she wants to do. However, she tries her best not to let her weak body get in the way, especially when it came to academics in high school. Skylar has a strong sense of morality, work ethnic, and sympathy. However, her other determining negative factors, like her body, low self-esteem, and drive to push herself too much can become very dangerous for her mental, emotional, and physical states.

LikesBeing included with others, reading, academics, music
DislikesFighting, bullies, conflicts, being sick, obnoxious people
Positive traitsSweet, loyal, selfless, and patient
Negative traitsWeak, shy, recessive, too soft-spoken, clingy
FearsJudgement, asthma attacks, not achieving anything in life, failing to help others
WeaknessesSmall and fragile body, asthma, prone to sickness

HistorySkylar was conceived on February 15, 1997, in a small town. Her mother, Susan White, was only 19. Her father, although he loved Susan very much, never married her. Since her mother was so young and unprepared for birth, she died in the process. Skylar's father, Andrew Woods, was heartbroken. still, he loved his new baby girl, and took care of her as best as he could. When she was born, Skylar was small and quiet, rarely crying at all. This concerned Jacob greatly, and Skylar had frequent doctor's visits. She was prescribed medicine after medicine, but she was still tiny and weak. At the age of three, Skylar caught a cold that developed into pneumonia. This sudden childhood illness nearly killed her, and inhibited her life forever. after she recovered, she was left with another major difficulty to cope with. Pneumonia damaged her lungs, leaving her with moderate, yet bordering on severe asthma. after a severe asthma attack, the doctors visits only increased. Her father become even more protective, never letting his daughter out of his sight, and frequently developing anxiety attacks due to all of his worrying. So, Skylar spent much time comforting her concerned father, insisting that she was okay. However, she was always obedient to his wishes, and always followed his rules.

Her schooling went by without a problems, academically at least. She was always one step ahead of the other children, and as a result got moved into higher level classes. However, her peers gave her grief for this, and frequently teased and harassed her. One instance even involved one of them snapping her inhaler in half, while she was having an asthma attack. Luckily, she was often unable to come to school, due to illnesses. Once reaching high school, the bullying stopped for the most part.However, she was still usually alone and craving friendship. Despite being lonely, she pushed through high school and passed with honors. Her options for colleges were wide. However, her father, who had invested much of his money into her health care, had no extra money to pay for her college tuition. Now, she just remains at home and works as a tutor for middle school students. Even though she desperately wants to attend college, she never complains, as she and her father are working the best they can.

CrushesNone at the moment. Who would like her?

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@faceclaim Aaron Paul

NameJudd Harris
BirthdayOctober 20
Wolf form


Judd is a fairly well-built young man, due to his athletic side. His biceps are large, along with quite a developed six-pack in his stomach. He is a bit short, coming up at only 5'6, but his stockiness makes up for it. His eyes are a dark, cooling blue. His hair is brown and spiky. This unruly hair is naturally messy, and gives him a rugged appearance. Finally, he has the small stubble of a beard and mustache.

His wolf form is large, just like his regular form. His base coat is jet black, but is flecked with bits of brown. His chest and muzzle are cream, which stand out from his black fur. Finally, his eyes are a toned-down amber color.

PersonalityJudd is a man of alternating waves, with emotional waves that are almost nonexistent, and others than swell in power. Since becoming beta, first to his old Eclipse pack, he learned how to shape and curve his outbursts. Judd has always been a young man of temper, one who was quick to jealousy and anger. Once his alpha became dissatisfied with his behaviors, though, Judd knew he had to change. He is still essentially the same man, but now he was his emotions under control, and never lets them get in the way of his duties.

Judd is a man of responsibility, making sure whatever needs to get done will be. His goals for himself are high, and he hold himself to his own standards. Often times, he is the first one up and the last one asleep, always attending to small problems that throw a small wrench in the day. If there's a problem, he'll fix it to the best of his ability. Not only is he a hard-worker, though, but he is also very intelligent. Even though Judd didn't get the highest grades in school, his dismal grades do not in any way reflect his intelligence. He is cunning, smart, and knows how to strategize and how to trick others. Even though his intelligence can often be a deadly weapon in his hands, he usually just uses it to pull innocent pranks of his pack members when they need a spirit-lifter.

Even though Judd is hard-working and smart, this doesn't mean he's a stick in the mud. He'd quite rambunctious when the situation calls for it, and he can often be seen laughing with his packmates. He loves to flirt with the ladies, and he loves to kick back and enjoy life. An arrogant side lies in his personality, which is especially bolstered by his high rank. He tries not to be too arrogant, but at times it just happens without him noticing. Although he curbed his anger to he most part, his temper can still easily be aroused. He knows how to control it most of the time, though, and it just comes off as a calm, cool anger. When the alpha's rules are broken, Judd can get very ugly very fast. He hates rule-breakers, and those who disrespect both Hades and him. strictness can come off, and Judd is known for his harsh punishments if others break the rules lightly. When Judd has made up his mind about something, it cannot be easily changed. Unless it is the alpha changing the plans, Judd will do all he can to resist change. He is quite inflexible, and quite reluctant to change what he feels is best.

Judd has a deep sense of loyalty towards his pack, and once someone earns his trust, he will never give up on them. Although he tires to hide it, Judd is quite a caring young man. He cares deeply about the wellbeing of every pack member, even those of a lower rank. If he were to loose anyone from the pack, Judd would spiral into a deep pit of self-hatred. Luckily, though, this has not happened yet. When it inevitably does, though, all he'll be able to blame is himself.

LikesHaving fun, hunting, running, strategizing, leading and flirting
DislikesMonotonous work, disrespect, weakness, loners being criticized, not being active
Positive traitsCunning, hard-working, intelligent, physically strong, loyal, assertive, confident, caring
Negative traitsArrogant, quick to anger, dislikes change, blunt, not very flexible, strict at times, unable to cope with loss, competitive
FearsFailing his alpha, being disliked, loosing a fight, fire

HistoryJudd's history is brief and not very out of the ordinary. Well, other than being a werewolf of course. His parents were quite wealthy and he had a comfortable lifestyle. As a child, he enjoyed playing many sports and drawing. As he entered high school, his talents on the baseball and track field were very apparent. When he was younger, he loved these sports with all his heart. However, as he got into high school, he found himself less and less interested in these activities. His sports friends thought he was crazy. He insisted though, that he was just feeling burnt out. So, by his senior year, he quit all sports activities. His parents and teammates were disappointed in him, but Judd couldn't care less.

His interests fell more into art, and he was often out in the woods. He often drew very abstract things, and he drew inspiration from the forests. One day, while he was absentmindedly sketching, he heard a rustle in the bushes. Out of nowhere, a large wolf came charging at him. It gave him a quick nip in the neck, and then went on its way. he fell down to the ground in pain. He was lucky though, that the wound wasn't deep. He brushed it off lightly. It was probably just some dog that he had pissed off. He covered up the bite with a bandage, and went on his way.

The next few weeks, strange things began happening. At night, he went through immense pain. His nose became more sensitive, and he felt like he was becoming stronger. He let out certain yelps when he fell, and he felt attracted to the moon. One day, when one of his baseball friends kept badgering him, Judd turned around with s snarl and transformed into a wolf. His friend ran away, terrified. Judd was startled too; what had he become? After a few days though, he grew to love his wolfish appearance. He left a letter for his family, stating how much he loved them, but that he needed to start his own life. He keeps in touch with them every so often, but tells them nothing of his new life, or location. He has been finishing up his senior year of high school online, and he studies in his spare time. Even though it conflicts with his fun-loving attitude, he wants to accomplish graduating high school, and maybe even college later. Well, that is once he's had enough fun with the other werewolves.

CrushesNone yet, but this doesn't stop him form flirting

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Re: Decisions decisions - werewolf/human - discussion and form page

Post  Metronome on Sun Nov 30, 2014 7:29 pm

Yoska Petulengro





Yoska sort of put himself in the position of omega. Ever since his arrival in the pack, he's been stand offish and skittish. He avoids confrontation with the other pack members when at all possible, but will become aggressive if pushed. He's particularly feisty when it comes to eating pack kills. Yoska doesn't seem to get the whole 'pecking order' that comes into play when its time to eat. He just sort of grabs whatever food he can and runs off, like he's afraid they'll take it away from him.

While not overly friendly, Yoska isn't exactly mean, either. He typically minds his own, stays to himself, and keeps out of trouble. If approached in a friendly manner, he's not outright rude. He'll speak if spoken to, ect. However, he doesn't seem too fond of any particular member of the pack. It seems like he sticks around the pack for the feeling of protection, because he's more afraid of being alone than he is of them.

Aside from his obvious personality flaws, his English isn't the best.
His native language is Romanian, and he speaks bits and pieces of other European languages. When he talks, he talks with an accent that is sort of hard to place. Having traveled all across Europe while he was growing, he picked up speaking habits from all over the place.

When Yoska first showed up on the pack's doorstep, shabby wasn't nearly enough of a word to describe him. The doorbell rang, and there stood a too-skinny, dirty, pale and sickly waif. Needless to say, he's come a long way. Yoska cleaned up well and, with proper nutrition, gained the weight that he needed. He stands at 5'10", has built up a lean muscle build, has curly brown hair, dark brown eyes, and olive skin. Yoska is of Romani/European descent. Essentially, he's a mutt.

His wolf form is about as lanky as his human one. He has warm brown fur and golden eyes, long legs that are good for speed, and a patch of white around his muzzle.

One has to wonder how a sad little gypsy boy came to grace the pack's presence. Yoska grew traveling the hills of Europe. They were gypsy wolves, a traveling pack of Romani people who all shared the ability to shift. It was a fairly happy childhood for him. Sometimes food was short and their clothes weren't warm enough, but he had family then. He had friends.

Then they came to the town of Northbridge, Romania. The Romanian people had never been fond of Romanis, but Yoska's pack was usually tolerated, if just barely. The people of Northbridge had no such toleration. As soon as the caravan pulled into town, the authorities were called. Yoska's family was separated in the chaos. Some were arrested, some were deported, some ran off and regrouped. Yoska, only 12 at the time, was lost. What remained of his family couldn't find him, and the boy was left on his own as they moved on to safer territory.

Yoska left Northbridge and traveled on his own to a new town, where he lived on the streets and begged food off of people for several years. Living this way was hard, and he was forced to keep moving if he didn't want to be arrested or beaten. Most of Europe had a certain opinion about Romani people, and it wasn't kind. Yoska was 18 when he decided that he would leave Europe all together.

The wolf boy snuck aboard a cargo ship to the United States. He managed to live on the ship for weeks without the crew noticing his presence. When the ship finally docked, he slunk off into the nearest woods to make his living. Having never been a particularly good hunter, Yoska was still forced to beg money off of people. He did this for a year before he found out about the pack and went to see if they would accept him. He figures they must have done so only out of pity. While Yoska's past experience with people and their cruelties have left a scars on him, both figurative and literal, he's not beyond repair. He's only been with the pack for a few months, and he still has a whole life ahead of him.
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Re: Decisions decisions - werewolf/human - discussion and form page

Post  Inspire. on Mon Dec 01, 2014 5:46 am

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Re: Decisions decisions - werewolf/human - discussion and form page

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