Treasure Chest

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Treasure Chest

Post  Dirk Strider on Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:47 am

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.
Idrian Ampora
Age : 21
Gender : Agender, prefers neutral pronouns they/them
Sexuality : Asexual, Demiromantic
Band : Co-Lapse
Instrument : Guitar, back up vocals


Appearance : One of the first things people notice about Idrian is their hight. At 6'1 barefooted, they tend to tower over many of their fans, even more so when wearing their favorite pair of heels. After that, the next thing to be noticed is their hair. Ranging anywhere from reddish brown to a bright copper depending on how much time they've spent in the sun recently, they let it grow long, only cutting it after is reaches the small of their back. With fair skin, blue eyes and a slight accent, their Swedish roots are readily apparent.

History : Idrian was born in the US, but shortly after they were born their parents divorced, and Idrian and their mother moved back to their family in sweden. They grew up between the two countries for years, attending school in sweden with their mother in sweden and spending summers in the US with their father. They were introduced to playing music early- almost every one on their mothers side of the family was a musician at some point. As they grew up, they turned more and more towards music, using it as a way to spend hours locked in their room as they worked on a particular piece. The older they grew, the tenser their relationship grew with their mother, until things came to a head when they were fifteen. Idrian came out to their family as agender and asexual, and was promptly thrown out by their mother. They then moved permanently to their fathers, where things went much smoother. It was there they met the others and formed the band.

Personality : Idrian has two distinct personalities. One is used with the public and those who are not close to them. When in "public mode" Idrian is all smiles and laugher, the vibrant joker who always has an opinion on whatever's being talked about. They always seem to brush off the hate they get because of their gender and choices with nothing more than a laugh and a witty retort, something that had endeared them to many of the bands fans. Behind closed doors and alone with the band however, it is a very different story. Idrian is rarely unaffected by the hate as they act, and is often extremely vulnerable. They have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and mild disassociation, all of which can contribute to panic attacks, emotional swings, and extreme apathy. Their band i really the only people outside of their parents that has seen this side, and Idrian is not looking forward to having to share a bus with others outside of the band.

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