I had what I thought was a really cool roleplay idea so would anyone like to shed some light on the situation?

Okay so there are like eight people lets say, four girls four boys.

Its like 100 or 200 years into the future and since the population on earth was dwindling because people were getting more and more stuck up and thinking that nobody was good enough for them the government encrypted their dna and then everyone that had babies had a mark on their hand. (the baby had a mark, not the person who had the baby.) And so a girl and a boy are born with the same mark and they are destined for eachother...

but there are these eight people and maybe some of them show their marks maybe some dont, maybe some are supposed to be together but dont like the other person.

and these people all decide to get super retro and go camping, which is like unheard of because why go camping when theres like icars and space theatres and cool stuff that you can think of. But they decide to do it and so they leave their huge town. (it's like of like in scott westerfield's books, if youve read them then you know what I mean, and nobody goes in the woods because it isn't cool. These teens go out camping and they have the time of their lives!?

Danger? maybe.

would anybody join this roleplay if I made it because I love this idea.